Yoga for Spring

Spring is a time of change.  I am looking at yoga that allows us to embrace the excitement of the change in the seasons, but that avoids adding to the stress and tension of our everyday lives.  Two books have caught my attention as I do my lesson planning:- Dru Yoga For All Seasons, by Padma McIntyre and Helena Waters, and Autumn Winter Spring Summer, by Sandra Sabatini.

The first book has a moving version of the tree pose, vrksasana,  that is gentle and flowing, but still challenges the balance.  ‘Standing quietly on one leg’ is not easy, but nothing concentrates the mind quite so well and brings us into the present moment.

Sandra Sabatini’s book also includes the tree posture in her section for Spring but I have chosen to focus on the bee breath – ‘Breathing like a bumble bee’, because on all my dog walks this week, I have encountered the first stirrings of insect life and I have finally heard the friendly rumble of the bumble bee as the queen wakes up and goes searching for a suitable nesting site. Inviting students to hum like a bee is also asking them to overcome their natural shyness.  However, when it works, the whole room is filled with a wonderful vibration and produces an effect that lasts beyond the confines of the class – a sense of connectedness.


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