Ardha Chandrasana – Half moon pose

During this morning’s class we spent some time on moon postures.  There is a Dru yoga sequence called Salute to the Moon (different from other sequences with the same name).  It is enjoyable, flowing and prepares the body for attempting Ardha Chandrasana – a splendid posture and one that creates laughter and happiness:  Laughter because even if you fail miserably, this posture is still fun and happiness because you can feel the shift of energy travelling up the body.

Practise this posture in your kitchen!  The worktop is just the right height and feeling the support of your kitchen cabinets behind you is not cheating.  You are still working the standing leg and focussing on good alignment.  Having a wall or solid support behind you removes the anxiety we all feel about falling over, and allows us to enjoy this wonderful stretch and balance.  Afterwards, I defy you not to notice that you feel happy!

I will post the relevant pages of the books I have consulted (see below).

(Stillness in Motion: Dru Yoga, by Annie Jones, Anita Goswami and Chris Barrington and Healing Yoga by Swami Ambikananda Saraswati).


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