Never mind who you think you are ….

I read my students a quote from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj* which ends with an assignment – to behave as though you were perfect, ‘without fear or reservations.’ I have been thinking about his text all day.  For some reason many of us have low self esteem and don’t think we are worthy of consideration.  But this passage seems to say, never mind who you think you are – simply behave and act according to your definition of perfection.  He says we all have everything we need in order to do this, and we all have an idea of what right action and good behaviour should be.  All we need is the courage.  Even if we make mistakes, these can be corrected, ‘only intentions matter.’

The passage ends with these words, ‘The shape things take is not within your power; the motives of your actions are.’

*(From the book 365 Nirvana, published by Element in 2003)


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