Emotional Anatomy by Stanley Keleman

I am reading Emotional Anatomy.  Peter Blackaby brought it to our attention at a workshop I attended last July.  Because I also paint and draw, I am fascinated by the artwork in this book.  How do our emotions affect our physical body?  Obviously as students of yoga we know that the link between physical and emotional well being is crucial, but to see the effects displayed in these wonderful drawings has an extraordinary impact.  I will post some pictures tomorrow.

In the meantime, I would like to post these quotes – as far as I have read.

Human shape is marked by love and disappointment.’

Each person’s response to the world marks him.’

… the human form as a whole is made up of living events.’

‘…two facts are central: that life is a whole event and not a series of sub-systems, and that all life is inter-connected, springing from a common single matrix,’

(Emotional anatomy, the structure of experience, by Stanley Keleman, published by center press, berkeley, 1985)


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