Unexpected affirmations

Once a month I attend a British Wheel of Yoga teacher training tutorial.  I am lucky to be part of  a delightful group of student teachers and to have two wise and compassionate tutors.

We recently had to prepare a micro-teaching practise and we divided into groups to teach one another.  One of my fellow student teachers decided their lesson plan was not up to scratch and rewrote the entire thing during our lunch break.  In that short time they produced a wonderful, flowing vinyasa for the wide-legged forward bend, explained the sequence perfectly, demonstrated it where necessary, and we all thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

After every practise like this, we give and receive feedback. Our group’s feedback was very positive. We also expressed our admiration that our friend had produced this plan in such a short time.  They shook their head and found it hard to accept our praise.  One of our tutors had been observing  us and intervened, saying how easily we all accept criticism – we assume we are no good at something and deserve to be derided.  However, it is even more important to make a space in our hearts to accept praise when it is deserved.

‘Place the palms of your hands over your heart centre, and say to yourself, “I did well”‘, said our tutor.  Our friend had to repeat this three times. ‘I did well’, ‘I did well’, ‘I did well’.

I offer this to you as an unexpected affirmation, and I invite you, next time you do something well, to make a space in your heart to acknowledge it.


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