The Five Tibetans

I am reading ‘The Five Tibetans; Five Dynamic Exercise for Health, Energy and Personal Power’ by Christopher S. Kilham, and researching other references – for example there is an excellent article on the internet by Mary Kurus, entitled,’The Five Tibetan Rites: Exercises for Healing, Rejuvenation, and Longevity.’  I was pleased to find this article because she gives alternative postures to the five classic exercises, as a working towards stage.  I believe we should always include work-in-progress possibilities in all our yoga.

I am intending to incorporate these postures into my daily yoga practise.  The idea is build up from 3 or 5 repetitions to 21 repetitions of each posture – increasing them by two a week.  The idea of these postures is that they activate the 7 chakras (roughly speaking, they mobilise the endocrine system of the body).  However, they are also load bearing exercises – good for our bone density and they work on the lymphatic system too – good for removing toxins from the body.

To describe them briefly, the postures consist of 1. Spinning. 2. Double leg lift. 3. Camel pose. 4. Table pose. 5.Uphead dog into downhead dog.

If you are going to have a go at them – may I please urge CAUTION with postures 3 and 4.  Please AVOID throwing the head back.  In fact, never throw the head anywhere, but especially not backwards.  Use your gaze to guide you.  Move the head slowly and keep the gaze level.  If you chuck your chin back and you’re trying to stare at your own eyebrows, you risk damaging yourself.  Remember – work-in-progress.



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