Finding a focal point in your breathing room.

The new edition of Yoga Journal pops through the door and I am at once drawn to an article about finding refuge.  It mirrors exactly the chapter I am reading in Donna Farhi’s ‘Bringing Yoga to Life’, and it seems to complement the extract on having a ‘breathing room’ that I posted before.

My house is very small, but I am working on creating a special place for practising yoga and for sitting well and breathing.  Now I want to assemble a little altar of things that bring me peace, so that I can be in this room. What would you put?

So far I have my little Japanese bell and a photograph of my lovely cat,  Biscuit, who died recently but who was my wise old friend.  I’m going to add photos of my children – but I think it could be a picture of anyone I want to make a space for in my heart.  Next time I take my dog for a walk, I’m going to bring back some twigs of willow and alder that are just coming into leaf along the river here and arrange them in a vase that belonged to my father.  This will remind me of him, and also of the fact that we live in a beautiful world that is always changing – and that beautiful new leaves burst out of barren sticks.

One of my yoga teachers sent me this blessing.  I pass it on to you.

The Candle’s Blessing

May you meet any darkness with light and fire.  May you find inspiration in the flicker of your own ready flame, and may any troubles lift from you with ease in the warmed air.  May your radiant spirit illuminate those around you.  May your loving heart never waver in its truth.  Without reservation, may you shine.

(Diane Melanie, Cygnus Review).


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  1. On the altar I’d put a statue of your favourite deity, possibly matching your mantra, and mala beads for meditation. I use ‘Om Namah Sivaya’ and have a Nataraj statue which I find very inspiring 🙂

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