Lam Rim and beyond ….

When you study for a British Wheel of Yoga teacher training diploma, you are expected to teach yoga, but you must also continue to attend yoga classes as a student.  The weekend at Lam Rim was organised by my yoga teacher, and her friend and fellow teacher.  Two different styles of yoga.  We were introduced to Energy Medicine – something I had never encountered.  One of my students is very passionate about this subject too.  Between them they have aroused my curiosity.  I will write more about it when I understand it better. I invited my student to demonstrate her 5 minute warm-up at my class this morning and the effects can be very exciting.  My teacher is always asking us if we are ‘ZIZZING’ – energy medicine seems to add to the Zizz factor.

Our other teacher reminded me of my first yoga teacher back in the 1980s -a lovely lady from the Iyengar Institute in London.  This style of yoga is physically demanding and these days my wrists and knees are not what they were …..  However, as we all know, yoga is not a competition and you should never bring your ego with you onto the yoga mat.  If it hurts, don’t do it. So I received two lessons in one – the first, lovely sessions of yoga, and the second, that my ego still has a way to go before it learns to stay in bed.

It was too hot for strenuous yoga at my class this morning.   Plus there was a trade-off – have the windows open and live with the traffic/street noise outside.   I had planned to end the lesson with yoga nidra (the systematic, guided relaxation of the physical body), and I wondered if the noise of tractors driving by and people greeting one another in the street (in Wales people still greet one another), would be too much of a distraction.  I was very gratified to find that my students were able to focus on the relaxation -not so much as a twitch until it was time to come back into the room. For me this was yet another example of how wonderful yoga is – use the breath, calm the mind, relax the body – even on the Friday when the Olympic Torch is being carried through our neighbouring town of Abergavenny.

By the way – one of the torch-bearers this morning was Dorothy, a retired yoga teacher.



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