Walk in Balance

This is the title of a book by Sun Bear, Crysalis Mulligan, Peter Nufer and Wabun.  For me it is a revelation in many ways.  Loving and accepting ourselves is so difficult – and yet we can’t deepen our yoga practice unless we do learn to do it.  Here is Sun Bear’s recipe, called The Magic Mirror.

‘I stand in front of the mirror in the morning after I make my prayers.  I look at myself, first make some faces so that I don’t take it all too seriously, and then I tell myself I’m a good, handsome and deserving person.  I greet myself and give myself encouragements for the day.  When I leave the mirror, I am ready to face life with a smile.’

So there you are, all you good, handsome and deserving people – enjoy your day.


Walk in Balance is published by Fireside.  This edition is 1992.


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