Viktor and knee problems – a subject close to my heart

Last week I had my left knee x-rayed.  Because of my age (58), everyone says …. yawn….wear and tear …. cartilage ……. replacement knee …… yawn.

But guess what?  The x-ray came back normal, which means the injury is to a tendon or a ligament – which means it will get better, albeit slowly.   So when Viktor told us about his knee problems, I found it interesting.

Viktor played a lot of sport when he was young and his knee used to lock.  He gave us a demonstration of how he would react if someone called him by name – how he would turn around, twisting the knee.

Viktor told us that WE are the captains of our bodies.  As an adult, he elected to avoid corrective surgery (I think he’d already had lots of operations on his knee due to sports injury when he was a school boy).  Viktor said it took him ten years ….. but he learned to be in charge of his body; to move it mindfully; to rotate the hip before turning,or to turn carefully without twisting the knee joint.  And he healed his own body that way.

He emphasised that WE are in charge of our bodies.  We can learn to move them without causing problems.

I found this especially interesting because I hurt my knee throwing dog biscuits for my dog, Eddie, to chase. I didn’t think about how I was using my body – I wasn’t being mindful.  Clare, my yoga teacher  told me to lift the  offending leg when I throw dog biscuits for Eddie to chase.   I’m taking control of my body (instead of it controlling me), and my knee is improving. I’m taking care of it …. because it’s my body and I’m the captain.



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