Losing my yoga… and finding it again.

‘Then one should become watchful, because Yoga comes and goes.’ (Katha Upanishad).

Have you ever lost your yoga?  Every once in a while I seem to.  Usually there’s a reason – having children, working too hard, becoming overloaded, all the usual suspects. Most recently, I threw the rattle out of the pram and determined to give it all up – teaching yoga, doing yoga, being involved in yoga and my BWY Teacher Training Diploma.  I resented yoga.  I was angry with yoga.  I was stressed about yoga.  This is mad!  I took two months off and redecorated my house (well, some of it).  I didn’t pick up a yoga book, or go to a class or teach a class or think about yoga at all.  My wise tutors and teachers left me to it.

At the end of that, I decided to finish my diploma – I’m half way through, I have two wonderful tutors and I enjoy studying.  But I gave up teaching yoga and I gave up being involved in yoga institutions. I went back to yoga class after the Christmas break – to another wonderful teacher – and I’m just being gentle with myself.

More recently, my youngest daughter was having problems, was getting stressed and couldn’t sleep.  We talked about all the things that might help.  Yoga was on both our lists.

So I’m gradually coming back to my yoga again.  I’m learning that it never really goes away. It’s always there when you need it, and when you’re ready to embrace it.

Happy New Year and namaste.







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