The Law of Karma, Dharma and Karma Yoga – some thoughts on the Bhagavad Gita – Part 1

Karma is a law of cause and effect, action and reaction. It literally means ‘something that is done’. And the thing that is done can be inside your head as well as out in the world. Thinking is Karma, not just acting. Karma is not private and you can’t keep it a secret. ‘Everything you think, feel and do is recorded in the documents of the skies.’1 Even if you can’t remember, or understand it – the things that happen to you are a result of your thoughts and actions. So Karma is like a chord made out of three strings: you desire something; you think about how to acquire it; then you exert yourself in order to possess it. Desire, Thought and Action are always found together, and together they are Karma. Basically, you reap what you sow. And what you sow is carried forward from one lifetime to another. This is your debt of Karma. The purpose of the Gita is to show us how to get out of this maze of cause and effect, of birth and death.


Be sure that the seed you sow will grow into a tree!

Ash Tree


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