Copying the Starfish – or how one thing leads to another

I was reading up on Supta Padangusthasana when I found an article by Donna Farhi the the Yoga Journal Website *.  She talks at great length about navel radiation – how our movements start from our navel centre, outward to the periphery and back again.  I thought this was a lovely idea.

Farhi invites us to experiment by lying down on our backs and spreading and retracting the limbs, using the breath – making a human starfish.

As ever, in Yoga, this leads on to a whole new direction. Donna Farhi says she has been continually inspired by the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and her Body-Mind Centering teaching. So that set me off on a new tack and I now have at least 5 more books to read as I am profoundly interested in how our bodies, minds and emotions are linked.  This interest was sparked off at the All Wales Gathering of the British Wheel of Yoga last September, when we were offered a morning of yoga, skillfully intertwined with Feldenkrais movements.  I had never heard of Feldenkrais before.  By using these gentle, natural movements, we arrived to take on postures that I normally struggle with.  It was fascinating.

So, for information, my reading list is now:-

‘Wisdom of the Body Moving’ by Linda Hartley , North Atlantic Books, 1995

Yogalign, Pain-Free Yoga from your Inner Core, by Michaelle Edwards, Hihimanu Press, 2011

Somatics, by Thomas Hanna,  Da Capo Press, 1988

Awareness Heals, by Steven Shafarman, Da Capo Press, 1997

Sensing, Feeling and Action, by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Contact Editions, 2012.

PS * The Donna Farhi Article is one of the regular Asana Columns in Yoga Journal online –








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