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‘All movements in yoga should feel effortless, and promote functional alignment while simulating how the body actually moves in real-life situations.  In the end, functional posture is much more important than getting into a “pose”.  A pose should allow us to be in an ideal postural position, bringing all parts together to form a cohesive whole connected dynamically to our center.  All movements should happen expansively from our core, with an equanimity of effort spread evenly throughout our entire body.  This fluid movement does not occur by stretching ourselves apart at the seams or by putting our body in spine-compressing, breath-inhibiting positions that have nothing to do with how we actually use our body in our daily life’.

Michaelle Edwards LMT, ERYT, from YogAlign, Pain-Free Yoga From Your Inner Core (Hihimanu Press, Hawaii, 2011)


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