Yoga at Treboeth Community Centre starts tomorrow, 4th September 2014

Why not Do Yoga With Me at Treboeth Community Centre, every Thursday evening between 1900 and 2030.

We will be looking at the qualities we need in order to succeed at yoga (and, indeed, life): Enthusiasm, Determination, Openness, Courage, Knowledge of the Truth and Solitude.  Every class will consist of a mixture of physical yoga postures (asana), breath awareness and breathing techniques (pranayama), some exercises in concentration and mindfulness and a guided relaxation at the end (aaaaaahhhhhh!)

The class is mixed ability and should be available to everyone, no matter what their age, size or levels of flexibility.  Yoga is for everyone and it’s non-competitive.   So come an make a little island of peace on your yoga mat – we all need to learn to like ourselves more and take better care of ourselves. Yoga works on mind, body and spirit.

Your first class with me is free of charge, to see if you like me or not.  Every yoga teacher is different and you need to find the one who best suits you.

I look forward to meeting you.





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