A small exercise in listening to what your heart tells you

A few Sundays ago, I was lucky enough to have an in-service training day with Rajesh David* on the subject of Bhakti Yoga – the yoga of devotion.  At the end of the session Rajesh gave us this little exercise to do.  Why not try it and see?

1.  Think of something that is currently stressing you out and making you anxious.  Be aware of what your head is telling you to do about it.

2.  Bring your awareness to your heart-space and feel that you are breathing in and out from there.

3.  Recall a positive, uplifting and memorable event in your life.  Something that made you happy.

4.  Now ask your HEART (not your head) what would be the best response to your stressful situation.

5.  Listen to your heart.

Do you get two different answers – one from your head and one from your heart?  Trust your heart.


*Bhakti Yoga:   Through Love to the Self with Rajesh David – see http://www.rajeshdavid.wix.com/rajesh



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