The Gunas – Week 2: Keeping the qualities of Tamas, Rajas and Sattva in balance in our yoga practice

This week I am proposing to include Paul Grilley’s Golden Seed sequence into the class plan.   It is meant to be done slowly and with great awareness.  You can use it as a limber at the start of a class, or as a cool down at the end.  I am indebted to Vani Devi for the drawings below – they are taken from her wonderful book ‘The Yoga Sequences Companion’.

Golden Seed 3 Golden Seed 4

The thing to remember about this sequence is that the feet are very mobile.  They do NOT stay parallel all the time, but swivel in and out as required.  In my opinion, less flexible students can keep the knees soft throughout – this is all about the spine. In movements 6-8 you can put your hand on blocks if you have trouble taking the hand to the floor.

The Yoga Sequences Companion, by Vani Devi is published by Kool Kat Publications. It’s a source of great inspiration to me.

Paul Grilley has a DVD called ‘Yin Yoga: The Foundations of a Quiet Practice’ available from (it’s in NTSC format).  This contains his Yin Yoga sequences as well as the Golden Seed, Warrior and Flying Dragon yang sequences. It’s very well put together and easy to follow.


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